Garden District Spring General Meeting Minutes 03-13-19

Board Attendees: Karen Hulbert, Jamie Roselius, Chuck Morris, Ashley Neubauer, Neil Landgrebe

Number of other attendees: 4

Chuck called meeting to order at 6:08 pm.

Ashley made a motion to accept the minutes from the Winter General Meeting. Karen seconded. Motion passed unanimously (Neil was late and not yet present for this motion).

Item one: Query what residents think of the parks proposals. One attendee is unhappy with the size of the pavilions at Wirz Park; he wants one that is able to have up to a 1500 person capacity. The Board and attendees debated the realistic capability of putting a pavilion of that size in Wirz or any of the proposed to-be-renovated parks, given parking capacity, maintenance and liability, and frequency of use vs. a multipurpose field. He’s also concerned about the repetition of elements (such as butterfly gardens) throughout all 6 parks. He also claims the parks master plan was not incorporated into the 6 parks’ designs. Another attendee brought information about Orlando’s composting program; she would like to see a similar program in Casselberry. She’s also concerned about the trail entrance by the school; Ashley offered to email her the petition that was given to a previous resident (prior to Christmas) to try to get all the neighbors on board with it (the attendee was unaware of this petition or the neighbor with it). Ashley also encouraged the attendee to ask the school to request putting a crossing guard there. The same attendee would like to see an indoor aquatic facility as part of the parks proposals. Ashley’s inclination is that the referendum should be split between parks, with voters approving money for individual parks, not “all or nothing” – a line item vote. It would eliminate the possibility Dr. Brock mentioned about all the money from the referendum being used for just one park or however the Commission decides. Neil’s concern is for the nighttime lighting in the parks. Jamie commented that Dr. Brock said at several of the park proposal meetings that the nighttime lighting was a requirement of the grants the Parks Department acquired for the parks.

Item two: Inclusion in local events. Karen talked about the District’s participation in the Weed Wrangle and the coordinator’s offer to help us whenever we want to do another event like that. Same offer for the Butterfly Garden (and there is a South Seminole Middle School event on April 26th that will involve cleaning it up, among other community services the middle schoolers will perform).

Item three: The stickers and button pins, $2/ea, to raise funds for the Garden District. Karen informed the group that 4 pins and 1 sticker have been sold thus far.

Chuck adjourned the meeting at 7:38 pm.