Garden District Summer General Meeting Minutes 07-22-19

Board Attendees: Karen Hulbert, Jamie Roselius, Neil Landgrebe, Ashley Neubauer, Chuck Morris

Other attendees: 1 (Walt Bagley)

Chuck called meeting to order at 6:39 pm.

Jamie amended the title of the Spring Meeting’s minutes from Winter to Spring, whoops. Chuck made a motion to accept the amended minutes from the Spring General Meeting. Ashley seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Chuck spoke to Dean prior to the meeting. He relayed that funding is still on hold and has not been discussed further since we showed up en masse to the city commission meeting we attended.

Neil raised concerns that there are no retail or companies in the Garden District. Ashley pointed out that the city had advised against us excluding the retail and we could probably include them again should we change our minds.

Spoke re: the six city parks/referendum. Discussed the referendum, Walt’s desire for large pavilions, how the commission kept mentioning the plans could change after the referendum, etc.

There was a dad joke-off between the General Member and Board Members and Chuck adjourned the meeting at 7:16 pm.